Over the past year I have worked my way through Thinkwell’s various publications and highly recommend them for pragmatic guidance and free resources including the following.

Thinkwell PhD Toolkit

Thinkwell publications

Thinkwell eBooks read to date include those in the PhD Book Set:

Additional books read include:

  • Presenting your research with confidenceImmensely practical tips for presentations (down to the level of detail of ensuring your have your slides loaded before the presentation block commences, the sort of attention to detail that results in a polished performance).
  • Planning your PhDAll the tools you need to complete your PhD in three years.

While I’m undertaking my PhD part-time, I consider by starting with the right framework from the outset it will enable me to progress and ideally complete the research ahead of deadline. Fortunately I’m all about long-distance rather than sprinting, as Secret 7 from 7 Secrets of Highly Successful Research Students is illustrated by the following example image of an example part-time research student cycle: