Knowledge, innovation, creativity and technology underpin most of my passions.

I am an information scientist with a knowledge, content and information management background. Those who aren’t in a similar field can skip to the next paragraph because the following will make your eyes glaze over. Enterprise solutions to connect people with information have included design, development, architecture, implementation and oversight of omni-channel information services, teams and systems. Technology-enabled systems have incorporated: strategy and policy and implementation plans; website and intranet design and development; mobile applications; interoperability standards; taxonomies and metadata; persona and multi-channel journey development; enterprise search; digital transformation gap analysis and recommendations; data analytics dashboards and visualisations; and data storytelling. I am currently undertaking part-time research examining knowledge practices that stimulate and support innovation.

A supporter of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) formal and informal life-long learning, throughout my career I’ve organised STEM not-for-profit events and mentored those interested in or working in STEM including via Tech Girls Movement (Australia), Young Enterprise (UK), Girl Geek Dinners (London and Brisbane), and the World Science Festival (Brisbane).

I have written a STEM-based young adult speculative fiction novel which includes elements of all of the above, which I hope you might one day read.