Nicole Mathison has an enterprise knowledge, content and records management background specialising in delivering innovative solutions to connect people with information.

Over the course of her career, Nicole has been appointed to lead engagement, design, implementation and operation of information services, teams, and systems including: service delivery & reporting; establishment of content management systems for Intranets and websites across digital channels; enterprise search; electronic document & record management systems; enterprise information architecture, taxonomies and metadata; business process mapping and associated improvement initiatives; digital transformation gap analysis and recommendations; data analytics dashboards and visualisations; data storytelling; and client persona and multi-channel journey development.

Solutions have encompassed team management, change management, stakeholder management, training, style & brand adherence, business analysis, project & portfolio management, system design, and delivery to ensure projects satisfied stakeholders, regulatory requirements, and returns on investment. In the process, Nicole has developed enterprise strategies & roadmaps, business cases, policies, guidelines, and processes to support staff and standards conformance, and maintained stakeholder engagement to ensure successful delivery.

To learn more, visit ORCID or her fledgling profile on ResearchGate.