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    Thriving in a disrupted world

    A belated write-up of my talk on Thriving in a Disrupted World at the Knowledge Management Australia 2017 Conference, which took place 1 to 3 August 2017. The conference was well-attended with fantastic speakers and was wonderfully organised by Steven Oesterreich @kmaustralia and the team at Ark Group who have been running the conference since 2004. Attendees and presenters were drawn from global private, public and third sector knowledge management practitioners and researchers including representatives from Australian Defence, NATO (Andy Anderson provided an overview of KM in practice in NATO, their concept development & experimentation group seems particularly interesting), Arup (Kim Sherwin @misskimsherwin a fellow member of #TeamLibrarian shared a remarkable culture and…

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    Knowledge sharing for Joint Chiefs of Staff

    Currently at the KM Australia 2017 conference at which I’m presenting tomorrow on knowledge management and innovation. Some interesting talks so far and I’ve already found myself sharing one of my notes from the Association for Information & Image Management (AIIM) 2013 Conference held down in New Orleans, so am late-posting here as they’re still interesting and relevant from a great speaker. I’ll follow-up with posts from similarly interesting KM Australia shortly – AIIM Conference 2013 (20-22 March 2013) – Knowledge Sharing for the Best Military Staff on the Planet AIIM Conference 2013 (New Orleans, 20-22 March 2013) Thursday, Mar 21 – 10:00 AM DESCRIPTION: Knowledge-sharing in the best military…

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    Organisational network analysis

    I presented at  the Australasian Enterprise IT Conference 2015 on the topic Information Architecture & Network Analysis: Demonstrating the Value of Information Architecture in Business Transformation was published as part of the conference proceedings (click here to download the PDF).

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    Knowledge and storytelling

    As illustrated by cave paintings, humans have used stories to share insights, ideas and experiences with each other for at least 27,000 years. Storytelling, the oral communication of ideas, beliefs, personal histories and life lessons including setting, plot, characters, and a sequence of events in whatever form be it written, oral, paintings, architectural or other (Groce, 2004) might be considered the original form of knowledge sharing.

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