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Tech Girls Movement

The Tech Girls Movement was founded by the inspiring Dr Jenine Beekhuysen with whom I co-organised the Brisbane 10th anniversary celebration of the Geek Girls Dinners in August 2015, and again organised a careers of the future event with Amazon in 2016 held at Technology One HQ.

Tech Girls Movement

From publishing the Tech Girls are Superheros books to launching a community supporting girls in learning to code to help overcome perceptions of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers as not being female friendly, Dr Jenine has developed a sustainable community and connected it globally by partnering with Technovation (providing the first class coding curriculum) which has partnered with the United Nations’s UN Women to link mobile apps developed by the girls participating in Technovation/Tech Girls Movement to sustainable development goals.

After having been fortunate enough to have attended the 2015 and 2016 Tech Girl Events, this year 2017 I’m participating in the program as mentor to four charmingly corny Unicorn Girls, with our fantastic co-parent and coach Koky. It’s so inspiring to see the girls learning MIT’s App Inventor app (for android only at present) and becoming increasingly enthused by technology as they conceive their mobile app. and learn more about the community of which they’re now a part.

Tech Girls Movement videos

Visit the Tech Girls Movement video channel for more inspiring videos.


Learn move about Technovation and its global community.


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